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    Hey God!!!

    Bless us the strength, means,

    courage and will to perform!
    Make our life Meaningful !
    Oh God, show the way to do something

    for others!
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    Don't think! Just do it Before it is too late
    God has given us the means to share.
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Make an Impact

Interested in connecting with a larger community of students? We would love to hear from you! Check out the number of ways to get involved.

Be an Ambassador

Do you have a zeal to spread our activities and can arrange the donations. If so, click below to apply to become an ambassador.


If you are a corporate house or a small organisation or/and an individual want to contribute for our activities, then click below to become our partner.

Become a volunteer

Join us and become our volunteer. We provide many opportunities to work for underprivileged students.

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